Our Vocalist: Amor



Amor expresses her passion for divine creativity through music and dance. In the past decade, Amor has toured internationally as a professional vocalist and dancer, performing over 200 shows in 23 different countries. In 2012, she performed a Hip Hop song in front of the president of Taiwan — on national television — with 150,000 viewers.

Amor is excited for the opportunity to share vibrant, animating, and invigorating music with Original Currency… and the Original Currency collective is honored by this promising collaboration. Bringing timeless melodies and catchy hooks into the mix, Amor diversifies and punctuates the sound of driving rhyme-schemes with the fluidity of sacred invocations and prophetic proclamations for the changing times.

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Our DJ & Producer: Rob Treaphort



Treaphort is a well-respected architect of ecstatic sounds, who has been plugged into the international dance circuit for a decade and has been producing and DJing for almost two decades, since the age of 13. He is the founder of Golden Turtle Sound, co-director of Rainbow Lightning, and co-founder of Original Currency.

From the Heart

“Audio production is a form of active meditation for me; a way to center my mind and cultivate creativity. The music that is channeled reflects the state of alert calmness that one receives from practicing presence.

As my experience and knowledge of sound, vibration, energy and life deepens; so my music develops as well. I am constantly learning more about frequencies, vibration, intentional tone, etc. and how they interact and affect our bodies and minds, weaving these ideas into the audio production.”

–DJ  Rob Treaphort

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Our Lyricist & MC: YashAkasha


YashAkasha has been performing poetry on stage and rhyming with a passion since his earliest childhood memories. Soon after his first homemade music video quickly gained thousands of individual views on YouTube, his song for Standing Rock was selected as a finalist for a Hip Hop competition by Talib Kweli and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. He then went on to release his first album, Rapture (2017), which was recorded on zero budget in a friend’s garage and is now available through several online platforms. The Rapture album was well-received, including press coverage in Delumin/a online journal, which is also responsible for album reviews of Matisyahu. YashAkasha is also about to release his second album, Renaissance, a next-level collaboration by Original Currency.

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